Mission & Vision


Make the benefits of healthy and locally grown plants accessible to all.

We cultivate in our farms plants of an exceptional quality by offering them the best conditions. That enables them to express their natural benefits and flavors.
By locating our farms as close as possible to our customers, we can offer locally grown plants, pesticide free at an affordable price all year round.

Jungle is developing a sustainable business model with its environmental and social values at its core.


By combining plant biology and technology, Jungle vertical farms are part of the sustainable answers to the challenges of contemporary agriculture.

In the coming decades, population growth will lead to an increase in global food demand, creating new challenges that we must face together.
Scarcity of arable agricultural land, depletion of natural resources and global warming have destructive effects on biodiversity, soil and security of supply.

The current agricultural system must be reinforced by complementary solutions.

To meet these challenges, it is essential to start a second green revolution through the production of sustainable food.


In our environmental policy, we share our ambitions, our engagement areas and our annual objectives.

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